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2016 Music Project

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One of Creative Holiday’s Special Projects was the “Hope for Change” Campaign. It was a music project geared towards instilling positive values in our society. The children of 2015 Summer Holiday Program (Music & Studio Production Class), creatively wrote and composed original songs around “Moral Values”, which was the theme for the 2015 Summer Holiday Program.

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A five-track Music Album titled "Hope for Change" was produced.

The songs were recorded at RockTof Studios during the 2016 Easter Holiday.

agodi gardens   video shoot

The video shoot for the songs took place at Agodi Gardens, Ibadan.

The five tracks are:

  • HOPE FOR CHANGE presents Nigeria in retrospect and also reflects the present situation of the country. The song calls for sober reflections as it also brings to our consciousness the urgent need for a better and prosperous nation.
  • WORK HARD is a rap song done by the 3 boys (Kay, Patrick and Kesi) in the Studio Production class of Season One. The song advocates the importance of hard work.
  • KINDNESS motivates us to be kind-hearted and lets us know the many rewards for being kind.
  • MORAL VALUES teaches children moral values as well as admonishes parents to teach their children moral values because children are the leaders of tomorrow
  • LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR emphasizes the universal peace language: Love

The songs are expected to make positive impact and create the desired change in the society.

Watch on YouTube.

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