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It has been researched that every child has an extraordinary capacity for creativity, but our education system hinders it.

The present reality is that our education system is based on academic ability. The reason being that; before the 19th century when the whole system was invented round the world, there were no public system of education. The system came in to being to meet the needs of industrialism, which is why mathematics and the languages have always been at the top of the hierarchy of subjects in all schools. So the hierarchy is reached on two ideas:

  1. That the most useful subjects for work (like Mathematics, English and the Sciences) were at the top. This normally made society discourage children from going into certain subjects, on the grounds that they will never get a job doing that. But now, the whole world in engulfed in a revolution.
  2. That academic ability has really come to dominate our view of intelligence. This is because the universities designed the system in their image. The consequence is that many talented, brilliant and creative people think they are not, because what they were good at while in school was either not valued or stigmatized.


Our education system has mined our minds in the way that we strip-mine the earth for a particular commodity (the Certificate & Job), which is no more serving us. We need to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children. We need to start seeing our children's creative capacities in their richness, and seeing our children for the hope that they are. Our task is to educate their whole being so they can be creative, self-reliant and adaptable to any future environment they may find themselves; the future environment which many parents and political leaders at present can't really envision. We should invest in a future where most of our children should be problem solvers and job providers rather than being job seekers and problems to the society.


Therefore, Creative Holiday seeks to utilize holiday periods to help young Africans discover and develop their creative abilities and turn such into skills, as well as equip them with soft skills necessary for life’s success.


Babafemi Elaturoti

Founder & Executive Director
Creative Holiday for Societal Development Initiative



Units C13 & 14, Albarka Plaza, New Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria. +2347062209335  

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Creative Holiday recognizes creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving as essential skills required for the development of any society in the 21st century. We believe in investing in our children's future, a future where many of them will be self-reliant, problem solvers and job providers rather than being job seekers and problems to the society.donate PNG36


Creative Holiday seeks to promote societal development by empowering the African child with Creative Arts Skills, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Skills, and Soft Skills that are essential for life's success, which also forms part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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